Advanced Measurement Group
The advanced measurement group is working on measurement techniques using super-resolution technology and functional molecular sensors (PSP, TSP, GLOF). We are trying to measure the flow around an aircraft, supersonic jets, and aerodynamic acoustic phenomena using the developed measurement techniques.

Flow Control Group
The flow control group is working on fluid control technologies. We are trying to realize real-time feedback control using low-dimensional modeling and elucidation of the control mechanism of separation flow by a DBD plasma actuator. 

Fluid Dynamics Group
The fluid dynamics group is working on the wind tunnel experiment under unique flow conditions using low-density wind tunnel and MSBS. In the low-density wind tunnel, we aim to elucidate the fundamental characteristics of fluid mechanics for improving the performance of future fluid machines operated in extreme environments such as high-speed flow under low-pressure conditions. In addition, by using MSBS with a low-speed wind tunnel, we are challenging to clarify the flow field, which is difficult to reproduce by conventional wind tunnel tests, through wind tunnel tests without supportive interference and wind tunnel tests with model motion (dynamic wind tunnel tests).

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