About Us

One hundred years have passed since the Wright Brothers' first flight, and new challenges are required for the aircraft of the new century.

In our laboratory, we are engaged in research to realize aircraft for various applications, from earth-friendly aircraft to planetary exploration.

In particular, we emphasize the approach from experimental aerodynamics and aim to improve aircraft design by clarifying the fluid phenomena related to flight through "wind tunnel experiments".

Therefore, we have been studying unique experimental techniques such as molecular imaging of flow fields (PSP/TSP, GLOF), dynamic wind tunnel experiments using magnetic support balances (MSBS), and wind tunnel tests of compressible low Reynolds number flows in a Martian wind tunnel. In addition, we are researching new fluid control and experimental measurement methods based on data-driven science, and are taking a multifaceted approach to aerodynamics.

In order to design things in the real world, it is necessary to have a rich imagination and the ability to feel reality firsthand.

One of the missions of our laboratory is to foster researchers and engineers with such sensitivity.

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